I recently listened to a radio show about Sony’s new offering – a robot dog!!  REALLY? A robot dog???  I definitely get an Irobot vacuuming for you, I’ve even seen ads for a machine that will fold clothes for you, but a DOG? Now you have to remember that I AM that crazy dog lady, but I also tend to embrace new tech. I am old enough to remember BEING the remote control for the TV, not having a dishwasher and was one of the first to get and enjoy a home computer!  All of these things have made our lives easier.

BUT a dog is not a chore to be made easier. There is no mechanical device, no matter how “interconnected” it may be, that can replace the smile on Finn’s face when I give him a chewie, or the look in his eyes when I sneak up on him and plant a kiss on his precious ears. And I’m sure the robot dog is not going to snore like he does (that might be a plus for the robot though).

If there is anyone else reading this who watches Doctor Who, you may be thinking of K-9. That was my first thought as I listened to this program.


He was an adorable robot dog that helped with analysis, lasers and critical thinking. All perfect for a robot dog!


There is nothing that can replace the FEELING when I walk in the door and get smothered by kisses, or waking up to Finn sitting on the bed less than a foot away from me STARING, willing me to wake up!


There are so many REAL dogs out there waiting for good homes, they give us so much more than we could possibly give them, what could possibly replace that? Go rescue a real dog who will give you fur on your clothes, slobbery kisses and the pitter patter of little paws!






When you look up Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on the AKC website their personality is defined as affectionate, graceful and gentle. Finn is a perfect “dogification” of this description. His gentle spirit has encouraged even those who were afraid of dogs to come around and love him. Once, when walking Finn around our old neighborhood a family with three kids was walking on the other side of the street. I heard the dad say, “Be careful, dogs bite.” Sadly, they all stayed as far away as possible. Within a few weeks, the kids wanted to meet Finn; their dad reluctantly agreed. By the end of that summer, the whole family would enthusiastically come out of their house to pet Finn and receive his unconditional love.

Finn has been with us for all of his four years.  During all but about three months of that time, I have been fortunate enough to have Finn by my side as I worked from home or in the office. People would actually come in to my office just to see him.

My kids, all grown now, have always told me that I love my dogs more than them. My rationalization has always been; when I tell the dog to sit, the dog sits. When I tell the kids to sit they ask why and for how long…. Which one would you prefer?

We have a lot of fun, take lots of pictures, and look forward to sharing them with you. I would love to see pictures of your fur babies as well. Please feel free to share your  fur baby stories here  too!

Enjoy, encourage and inspire!

Finn and Leanie