How we got here


We are thrilled that everyone who uses our dog centric home accents knows they are getting artfully designed home decor worthy of a Best In Show ribbon.

Before I created LeaniesLoft, our fur babies were condemned to boring food bowls and 2nd place in picture frames.

Then one day Finnegan happened. Even my husband, who admittedly is NOT a dog lover, fell in love with this precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We both knew that he, and every other dog out there, deserves a special place in our hearts and our homes. The boring run of the mill bowls, treat jars and many other products we used just wasn’t good enough.

I was concerned that maybe I was one of a very few crazy dog ladies, and no one else would be as obsessive about their dogs as I was.

But then my passion for dogs overtook my concerns. I noticed others wanting to include their dogs as part of the family, wanting more than the ordinary to pamper their pooches.

I decided I set out to create the most vibrant signs, frames and home accents for the most Paw-ssionate dog lovers in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer and we moved from Indiana back to Pennsylvania all during the time I was trying to create a new product line. Watching Finnegan comfort my husband during his chemo and eventual recovery, only made me more determined to bring a new level of style and artistic design to the way we show our affection to our dogs.

The timing of the launch of my first product line was adjusted several times. “Life”, my ability to care for my husband, move 700 miles, and still create high quality products was quite a balancing act.  Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been Blue Ribbon!